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Your worst nightmare is waiting!

After graduating from London University, Juliet Wilson took a year off to travel around the United States. As a young English girl brought up on a TV diet of American fast food, fashion and films, she could not wait to experience the real thing.

Without a green card, Juliet worked part-time to help pay her way found a job as a waitress in a small roadside restaurant, in the middle of the Louisiana countryside.

Surrounded by thick forest and miles from the nearest town, Uncle Max's Diner was a popular stopover for truck drivers, bikers and passers through. The dark parking lot was also a favourite hangout for couples wanting quick sex, followed by a quick burger, fries and shake.

It was a typical evening at Uncle Max's, packed full of colourful regulars, enjoying good food and great old classics from the jukebox. Nobody noticed when the dark stranger entered the Diner and only asked for coffee. There was something about his eyes that made Juliet feel uneasy. Her mother told her that eyes were windows to the soul and his intense gaze betrayed a deep-rooted evil.


The other waitresses were used to dealing with all kinds of men and knew every one-liner in the book. Nothing anyone ever said or did ever shocked them. Getting rid of creeps was easy; simply spill hot coffee over their bulging laps, always cooled them down.

The dark stranger did not speak nor cry out as the steaming hot liquid burned through his pants. He did not even acknowledge their pathetic attempt to apologise, just disappeared into the night.

Breaking into a car, he waited in aroused anticipation. Patience always paid off. It was so easy, so exciting, so satisfying to know no matter how careful his victim were, they don't look back.