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For hundreds of years, it was the custom of many native American tribes to hang a dream catcher above wherever they slept, in the belief that bad dreams would become entangled in the webbing, allowing only the good to flow through.

DreamCatcher Films embraces this age-old concept to develop only the finest film, TV and book projects, all with one thing in common, great stories that will be talked about for generations to come.


With over two hundred titles in various stages of development, DreamCatcher Films has one of the most dynamic and diverse catalogues ever created.

Projects with a wide variety of subjects, styles and story lines have been selected to produce a spectrum of emotions; from heart-felt family dramas to action-packed comedies; from spine-chilling thrillers to fantasy adventures.


With this wealth of unique and original material, DreamCatcher Films has created a formula for success that is exciting, emotional, inspirational and above all entertaining.

All the essential elements are collated and moulded into highly polished packages ready for production that will enable investors to profit on the many lucrative opportunities, including product placement, computer games, music royalties and book deals. Each project is a valuable commodity, which has the potential to generate excellent returns in any market and any medium.